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26 June 2013 An examination of Csikszentmihalyi's concept of flow in Western Australian school leaders' work and learning
Presented by Dr Neil MacNeill.
27 March 2013 Resisting a 'back to basics' agenda: Literacy education and online discussion
Presented by Dr Wendy Cumming-Potvin (with co-author Dr Kathy Sanford).
19 September 2012 Design-based research: Research that makes a difference in education
Presented by Professor Jan Herrington.
20-21 August 2012 It's not just rock n/ roll: Contemporary youth media, music, and critical pedagogy; and
Critical pedagogy and qualitative research: A conversation with Shirley Steinberg
A public lecture and a research workshop presented by Professor Shirley Steinberg,
co-sponsored by Murdoch University and WAIER.
20 June 2012 Pathways into university for international students: Which ways for success?
Presented by Associate Professor Rhonda Oliver.
28 March 2012 Keeping cool: What makes a resilient teacher?
Presented by Dr Susan Beltman and Dr Caroline Mansfield.
21 September 2011 Working to be different: Change for social inclusion
Presented by Professor Brenda Cherednichenko.
8 June 2011 Towards academic excellence: A qualitative study of students, parents and teachers
Presented by Dr Lesley Williams.
6 April 2011 Literature in Australian schools, 1945-2005: A first look at the data
Presented by Associate Professor Tim Dolin and Dr John Yiannakis.

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