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Seminar archives pre-2003

This page provides an archival record for some previous seminars conducted by WAIER or advertised to Members. For records from 2003, see [Seminar archives: Recent]

8 Oct 2002 Qualitative data analysis and classroom talk
Presented by Professor Alec McHoul, Murdoch University
16 Jul 2002 Designing powerful learning environments for enhancing students' self-regulatory learning skills
Presented by Erik De Corte, University of Leuven, Belgium
4 Jun 2002 Research and Indigenous schools and communities: An account of one project
Presented by Associate Professor Gary Partington, Ann Galloway, Dr John Godfrey and Graeme Gower, Edith Cowan University
7 May 2002 Research and cultural issues: University responses to globalisation
Presented by Associate Professor Jan Currie, Murdoch University
11 Jun 2001 Grounded theory
Presented by Dr Helen Wildy, Edith Cowan University
8 May 2001 The position of the researcher
Presented by Associate Professor David Tripp and Dr Susan McKenzie, Murdoch University
26 Mar 2001 NUD*IST for qualitative analysis
Presented by Dr Roger Vallance, University of Notre Dame and Dr Catherine Ward, Curtin University
14 Oct or
21 Oct 2000
Training for QSR Nud*ist and NVivo
Presented by Roger Vallance, University of Notre Dame.
5 Sept 2000 WAIER Research and: Action Research Panel.
Dr Clare McBeath, Ms Carrol Hall and Dr Susan Hall.
13 June 2000 WAIER Research and: Modern principles of measurement in education and social science: The search for anomalies. Prof David Andrich, Murdoch University.
3 April 2000 Research and indigenous education research in Australia: What is emerging?
Professor Paul Hughes, Flinders University.
11 Nov 1999 Research and the ecology of children's racial coping: Families, school and communities
Professor Deborah Johnson, Michigan State University
18 Aug 1998 Research and the future of anti-oppressive education
Professor Mairtin Mac an Ghaill, Sheffield University
13 May 1997 Contemporary issues facing researchers and research trainers
Professor Paul Rossiter, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development), Curtin University of Technology
3 Dec 1996 Research and the future of teacher education
Bernard Harrison
11 July 1996 Performance indicators.
Janice Newsome
28 May 1996 Student achievement motivation and goal setting
Judith Meece
14 Nov 1995 WAIER Research and: Schooling 2000
Jerry Skivinis, Deputy Director General, Education Department of Western Australia
19 Sep 1995 WAIER Research and: Researching for/with the profession
Shirley Grundy, Murdoch University
1 Aug 1995 Research and educational change in Western Australian schools: What are we doing and where are we going?
Hon. Norman Moore, Minister for Education
17 May 1995 WAIER Research and: Research and small group cooperative learning: Teaching for higher order, task oriented student talk
Professor Michael Meloth, University of Colorado - Boulder
16 Mar 1993 The quality of teaching and learning.
Robin Clarke, Principal, Belmont Senior High School and Pamela Paton, Deputy Principal, Southwell Primary School
27 Nov 1990 Research and retention: School-industry links
Len King, Don Sanders and Raymond Dann. At Bunbury Institute of Advanced Education.
26 June 1990 Research and performance indicators
Panel discussion. At Churchlands Campus, WA College of Advanced Education.

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