WAIER logo WAIER invites you to attend our final "Research and..." for this year:

Action Research Panel

At Murdoch University, in the Staff Common Room,
Education & Humanities Building Level 2

Use Car Park 4 or 5

Tuesday September 5th, 4.30-5.30pm
Light refreshments provided

The Panel

Dr Clare McBeath, Curtin University
Clare is the coordinator of the Vocational Education and Training Program in the Faculty of Education at Curtin University. She will speak briefly about the structure of two Reflective Practitioner units from this program and present some case studies produced by students.

Carrol Hall, Project Officer, EDWA Learning & Teaching Directorate
Carrol is Project Officer for an Action Research Project aiming to improve secondary mathematics teachers' classroom practice. She will discuss some of the practical issues relating to getting groups of teachers to work collaboratively together using Action Research principles.

Dr Susan Hall, Principal, Hallmark IDO (Integrated Developments in Organisations)
Susan will mention her previous work with action research as a university lecturer in academic staff development, a researcher, a school-development consultant, a school administrator and a teacher. Mostly, she will talk about action learning, a component of action research and the subject of her current book.

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