35th Annual Research Forum Online

In Pursuit of Justice: Education practice and research for change

1pm – 3pm Saturday 1 August | Register for the online ZOOM link.


WAIER invites individuals and groups wishing to attend our annual research Forum. This year’s Forum theme is In Pursuit of Justice: Education practice and research for change. The 2020 Forum will be an online Keynote Presentation and Panel Discussion.

Cost: Free

Keynote Presentation

The Long Bow Between Educational Research and a More Equitable and Just Society

David Ansell, Telethon Kids Institute

There are a number of common assumptions that we hold. These are that:

  • educational research will influence educational policy;
  • evidence based educational policy will improve student outcomes;
  • improved student outcomes will result in better life outcomes for children from low income families; and
  • better life outcomes for children from low income families will result in a more equitable and just society.

David Ansell’s response to each of these assumptions is ‘sometimes’ or ‘maybe’. This presentation will look at educational research from the perspective of politicians, policymakers and life course researchers. It will provide insights into how decisions are made regarding educational policy and practice. It will make the case that doing the research is not enough, and that researchers should participate intelligently in the political and policy process if they want to contribute to a more equitable and just society.

About David

David has worked as a teacher, Principal, leader in the not-for-profit sector and senior public servant. A focus of his work has been addressing disadvantage through education, youth at risk, early childhood services and public sector management. David is currently employed by the Telethon Kids Institute as Co-Director of CoLab, established through a partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute and the Minderoo Foundation. CoLab’s mission is to bring together evidence with policy and practice to improve the development and learning of children.

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