The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (WAIER) organises a number of events throughout the year for the purpose of promoting and disseminating new educational research generated, for the most part, here in Western Australia.


WAIER’s major event is its Annual Research Forum, which it has run since 1986. The Forum provides an opportunity for beginning and established researchers to present their findings and build their networks with researchers and educators working across Western Australia’s education sectors.


WAIER organises free seminars for the presentation of local research to researchers, educators and the general public. A number of seminars are run throughout the year on a range of topics and contemporary issues in education. Topics recently covered in the seminars include research methodologies, literacy education, and teacher resilience.

Special Events

WAIER is also involved in the presentation of special events. It recently partnered with Murdoch University in the presentation of a public lecture and research methodology workshop by Professor Shirley Steinberg from the University of Calgary.