Kurongkurl Katitjin and
Western Australian Institute for Educational Research

Research and the Ecology of Children's Racial Coping: Families, School and Communities

Presented by Professor Deborah Johnson
Department of Family and Child Ecology
Michigan State University

Professor Johnson has recently taken an appointment at Michigan State University following an appointment at University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Child and Family Studies.

Her research interests have focused on parental care of young children, racial issues in child care and issues of identity and socialisation for children and adults of colour. Professor Johnson is visiting Western Australia briefly prior to a longer sojourn in 2000. Her Research And... will be of interest to researchers, teachers and early childhood specialists, particularly those working in cross-racial settings.

At 4pm on Thursday 11th November 1999
In Building 3, Room 3.101 (Lower lecture theatre)
Mt. Lawley Campus of Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford St Mt. Lawley
Afternoon Tea will be supplied.
Contact Assoc Prof Gary Partington 9370 6571.

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