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WAIER Forum 2012: Forum presentations

These photographs illustrate activities at the 27th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 11 August 2012, at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

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Photo: Ildeniz Ozverir
Ildeniz Ozverir, Murdoch University [Abstract]
Photo: Yang Liu
Yang Liu, Curtin University [Abstract]

Photo: Eloise Cole and Nicola Griffiths
Eloise Cole and Nicola Griffiths, Curtin University [Abstract]

Photo: Jenni Parker
Jenni Parker, Murdoch University [Abstract]
Photo: Pauline Roberts
Pauline Roberts, Murdoch University [Abstract]

Photo: Lorraine Jacob
Lorraine Jacob, Murdoch University [Abstract]
Photo: Gillian Kirk
Gillian Kirk, Murdoch University [Abstract]

Photo: Josephine Sia
Josephine Sia, Curtin University [Abstract]
Photo: Parisa Ebtekar
Parisa Ebtekar, University of Western Australia [Abstract]

Photo: Jan Herrington and Jenni Parker
Jan Herrington and Jenni Parker, Murdoch University [Abstract]

Photo: Jenny Davis
Jenny Davis, The University of Western Australia [Abstract]
Photo: Stephanie Kildare
Stephanie Kildare, Curtin University [Abstract]

Photo: Pina Tarricone
Pina Tarricone, Edith Cowan University [Abstract]
Photo: Antonella Poncini
Antonella Poncini, University of Notre Dame [Abstract]

Photo: Lisette Hornstra
Lisette Hornstra, Murdoch University [Abstract]
Photo: Eva Dobozy
Eva Dobozy, Curtin University [Abstract]

Photo: Vaille Dawson
Vaille Dawson, Curtin University [Abstract]
Photo: Rose Carnes
Roslyn (Rose) Carnes, Murdoch University [Abstract]

[Photos 1 - Awards] [Photos 2 - Activities] [Photos 4 - Sundowner]
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