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WAIER Forum 2003

These photographs illustrate activities at the 18th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 9 August 2003, 9.30am to 4.30pm at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University. Digital photography by Roger Vallance.

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Some members of the Committee

Committee members Jan Gray, Philip Paioff, Eve Ruddock and
Gail Chittleborough start the post-Forum relaxation process
Vicki Houghton and Doug Reid

Vicki Houghton and Doug Reid from ECU also in relaxation

Happy hour postgrads 1

You had to be in front of the right painting to be in a pikky...
Happy hour postgrads 2

... and smiling in the right direction...

Happy hour refills 1

We were calling for refills, not photographs, thank you...
Ian Gaynor

Ian Gaynor from SMEC
(glass not needed)
Happy hour refills 2

The long arm of Philip Paioff reaches
even the most distant glass...
[Sue Roberts and Anthea Taylor]

Tony Rickards and Peter Taylor

Tony Rickards and Peter Taylor, SMEC, Curtin University
Lesley Newhouse-Maiden and Beverley Webster

Lesley Newhouse-Maiden (with full glass) and Beverley Webster

A wide eyed Roger Vallance and a very amused Caroline
Mansfield as Roger (apparently) photographs himself...

... we find these captions so hilarious...

...agreed... maybe half agreed...
[Nan Broad and Sophie Lee]
That painting again

... meanwhile, that painting is again the centre of attraction....
[Philip Paioff and Christine Vecchi]

This is the 'ear-to-ear' response from Forum Convenor
Jan Gray, upon being asked how she felt about
the great success of WAIER Forum 2003 :-)
Jan Gray

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