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WAIER Forum 2002

These photographs illustrate activities at the 17th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 17 August 2002, 9.30am to 5.00pm at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University. Digital photography by Roger Vallance.

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Pat Forster and Phil Paioff photo

Above: Pat Forster, Treasurer (left) and Phil Paioff
(President) at the Forum registration desk.
Right: Dr Catherine Dunworth, Postgraduate Award
recipient, Curtin University.
Below left: Dr Glenda Boyd, Postgraduate Award
recipient, Edith Cowan University
Below right: Dr Christopher Harlow, Postgraduate
Award recipient, Murdoch University
Dr Catherine Dunworth photo
Dr Glenda Boyd photo Dr Christopher Harlow photo
Right: Early Career award recipient,
Dr Pat Forster, receiving the award
from Dr Philip Paioff, President of
Below left: Dr Rick Kellner,
Postgraduate Award recipient, The
University of Western Australia
Below right: Angela McCarthy,
Postgraduate Award recipient,
Notre Dame University
Pat Forster photo
Dr Rick Kellner photo Angela McCarthy photo
Elisabeth Settelmaier photo

Above: Elisabeth Settelmaier
Right: Plenary session, Lecture Theatre,
Building 3
Plenary session photo
Vaille Dawson photo

Above: Vaille Dawson
Right: A session in progress
A session in progress
Vicky Houghton photo A session in progress

Left: Vicky Houghton
Above: A session in progress
At the presentation by Gary PartingtonAt the presentation by Gary Partington
Above left and right: At the presentation by Gary Partington

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