Where to Now in Your Action Research in Education Project?

Dr Pauline Roberts

Now that you have had some time to identify a real-world problem, plan for and perhaps implement some of the Action Research…where to next? This second workshop will examine what can be done with results of Action Research implementations including using them to plan future research, to initiate collaborations, or ways to consider the dissemination of findings. There will again be opportunities to work on your own projects in this space and perhaps form some connections with others who have investigated similar topics.

Pauline is a Lecturer in Early Childhood studies at Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Perth, WA. She has taught across the education sector in Early Childhood and Primary and Tertiary settings in a range of curriculum and content areas. Pauline’s doctoral research centred on the use of an ePortfolio to scaffold action research in pre-service teachers which remains an ongoing area of interest and research. In her current role at ECU Pauline has undertaken teaching in the Science content area for Early Childhood with the goal of developing play-based approaches to the development of science skills and concepts in young children.

Drafting Your Action Research in Education Project: Key Items for Consideration

Dr Gregory Hine

Action research offers many benefits for educators committed to a critical, investigative process of improving school practice, policy or culture. In this first workshop, we shall identify and outline key items to consider when planning an educational action research project. Beginning with a classroom vignette to illustrate a ‘real world’, researchable problem, we shall look at ways to translate the lived experience of educators into the language of an action researcher. Then, the key components of successful project design will be highlighted and explained. Throughout the workshop there will be opportunities for attendees to commence drafting their own action research projects.

Dr Gregory Hine is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle Campus). Greg teaches into the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, and he lectures in secondary mathematics education, and educational action research. Greg’s areas of scholarly interest are student leadership development, mathematics education, and educational action research.