Forum 2018

33rd Annual Research Forum

Saturday August 4. Registration from 12:30pm. Presentations 1:00pm-6:00pm
Tannock Hall, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle (Cnr Cliff and Croke Streets) Free parking across the road.


Time Session Presenter Title Room
1.00-2.10 Plenary session Opening: Associate Professor Sue Beltman, President of WAIER
Keynote address: Dr Brad Gobby, Politics, education and researcher ‘response-ability’
Room 101
2.15-2.40 Parallel 1 Amie Fabry Inconsistency in the early years: Diverse perspectives of pedagogical practices Room 201
Anisah Dickson Letting go of the Middle Years Program: School rationales for discontinuing the Baccalaureate Room 202
Hiroshi Hasegawa Investigation of how Japanese teachers manage conflicting demands from universities Room 203
Jyoti Keshwani (Joy) Nomadic subjectivity, identity and agency: An ethnographic study of veiled Muslim women in WA Room 301
Chiu Wai Chow & E. Chapman Construct validation of the Motivated Strategies for Learning questionnaire in a Singapore high school sample Room 302
2.40-3.05 Parallel 2 Madeleine Dobson & Susan Beltman Resilience and wellbeing of educators in Early Learning and Care centres Room 201
Greg Watkinson The effects of school choices on the Western Australian school system Room 202
Donna Barwood Understanding and challenging the dominant discourse in HPE at Edith Cowan University Room 203
Nina Rovis-Hermann Who I am and who I can become: Applying a critical lens to schooling and identity Room 301
Fiona Tan, P. Whipp, M.Gagné & N. Van Quaquebeke Enhancing students’ metacognition through teachers’ two-way interaction Room 302
3.05-3.30 Parallel 3 Jane Merewether Listening with young children: Enchanted animism of trees, rocks, clouds Room 201
Kirsten Hancock Associations between school absence and academic achievement: Do socioeconomics matter? Room 202
Andrew Jones Investigating the ‘integration of theory and practice’ in examination Physical Education Room 203
Craig Butler A soldier’s journey: An arts-based exploration of identity Room 301
Ross Mackenzie A failure of ‘grammasive’ proportions: How my hypothesis became an ‘hypothesisn’t’ Room 302
3.30-3.55 Coffee break
3.55-4.20 Parallel 4 Madeleine Dobson & Jenny Jay #childhood: Exploring the representation of children and childhood on Instagram Room 201
Emily Poulton & Susan Beltman Resilience and emotions: Teacher strategies for managing heightened emotions Room 202
James O’Neill Teachers’ perceptions of effective secondary mathematics teaching through the lens of the ‘actions’ Room 203
Susan Main Ameliorating reading difficulties in secondary students Room 301
Sian Chapman Criticality in Arts Education: Developing connoisseurship in the era of Pinterest’ Room 302
4.20-4.45 Parallel 5 Amelia Ruscoe ‘This is how we learn’: Children’s perspectives of childhood and learning Room 201
Theresa Jeewa & Susan Beltman Doctoral students and resilience: A beginning Room 202
Keryn Sturrock, A. Woods-McConney & D. Pino-Pasternak Science inquiry pedagogy in upper primary and lower secondary Room 203
Liam Lynch & Jane Lombard The ‘Trump effect’ on intercultural learning Room 301
Samantha Owen Shared history/ies but divided memory/ies? Frameworks for teaching and approaching contested histories Room 302
4.45-5.10 Parallel 6 Pauline Roberts Whose voices are missing: The impact of the politicking of early childhood STEM Room 201
Katherine Gaschk & Elaine Lewis Community education: Challenges and triumphs! Room 203
Eva Dobozy The power of education research in the ‘Truthiness’/post-truth era Room 301
Diana van Straalen The degree to which English teachers can successfully ‘differentiate’ their teaching practice Room 302
5.10-6.00 Sundowner and Postgraduate Awards, Early Career Awards, and Research Grant Recipients