Forum 2014

29th Annual Research Forum
Research Informing Reform

Saturday July 26, 1:00pm-6:00pm
Tannock Hall, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle (Cnr Cliff and Croke Streets)


Time Session Presenter Title Room
1.00-1.55 Plenary session Opening: Dr Sue Beltman, President of WAIER
Keynote lecture and feature presentation: Associate Professor Judith MacCallum: Mentoring research: Making a difference for young people
Room 101
2.00-2.25 Parallel 1 Deborah Netolicky Teacher identity, teacher learning and school change: Intersecting stories Room 201
Roslyn (Rose) Carnes & Janean Robinson Educational research rattles institutional cages Room 202
Lorraine Day, Derek Hurrell & Chris Hurst Children thinking multiplicatively Room 301
Saul Karnovsky Navigating the emotional dimensions of learning to teach in a pre-service year Room 302
Serena Davie and Jean Macnish Using mobile learning technologies as a catalyst for educational change in early childhood education Room 203
2.25-2.50 Parallel 2 Rosana Stout Questioning the discourse of teacher-leadership Room 201
Elaine Lewis Connection to country: Embedding the Australian Curriculum Aboriginal cross curriculum priority Room 202
Paula Mildenhall and Naomi Fitzgerald Using semiotic resources to develop number sense in an early years classroom Room 301
Deborah Black Why early career teachers in primary schools decide to remain in the profession Room 302
Dianne Chambers International comparison of iPad use by teachers in special education Room 203
2.50-3.15 Parallel 3 Kellie Marangoni & Rachel Sheffield Engaging primary school aged reluctant male readers Room 201
Glenda Cain Service-learning as a way of developing pre-service teachers’ knowledge about Aboriginal education Room 202
Gregory Hine Strengthening teachers’ mathematical content knowledge 301
Helen Dempsey Pub worker, relief teacher or teacher? Early career casual teachers’ professional identity Room 302
Susan F Ledger, Lesley Vidovich & Tom O’Donoghue International teachers: Missionaries, mercenaries, misfits or mavericks? Room 203
3.15-3.40 Parallel 4 Olivia Johnston Teachers’ perspectives of streaming in the lower secondary school Room 201
Roslyn (Rose) Carnes “Go and tell people what you have learned”: Educational messages from Aboriginal ex-prisoners Room 202
Rebecca Walker and Susan McDonald Identifying applications of one to one laptop programs in mathematics teaching and learning Room 301
Olabisi Kuteyi Contextual influence on early career teachers’ experiences Room 302
Kathryn Shine Are Australian teachers making the grade? An analysis of news coverage of NAPLAN Room 203
3.40-4.05 Coffee break
4.05-4.30 Parallel 5 Andrew Taggart & Lynette Vernon School attainment in low SES contexts: Reflecting on outcomes for year 11 and 12 students Room 201
Vaille Dawson How can educational research result in sustained and positive change? Room 202
Nara Tsedendamba Learning and living in English 301
Madeleine Dobson A visual social semiotic analysis of a pre-adolescent focused magazine’s depictions of femininity Room 302
4.30-4.55 Parallel 6 Sam Prodonovich, Antoinette Geagea, L. Perry & A Taggart Student educational and career aspirations in an outer-urban setting Room 201
Pauline Roberts Education research: Continuing to accommodate the E’s and I’s Room 202
Andrea Dodo-Balu The impact of higher education policy on university’s most marginalised participants Room 301
Siew Fong Yap Beliefs, values, ethics and moral reasoning in socio-scientific education Room 302
4.55-5.20 Parallel 7 Helen Stone Secondary school students’ comments about their most and least favourite school experience Room 201
Eva Dobozy I am an educational researcher – who am I? Building a researcher identity Room 202
Denise Jackson Determinants of job attainment in recent Bachelor graduates: Evidence from Australia Room 301
Lisa Bell Teacher action research on students’ perceptions of learning in high school classrooms Room 302
5.25-6.25 Sundowner: Postgraduate Awards and Early Career Awards