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Advice to authors on submitting articles for the WAIER Forum Proceedings

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Publication status Presenters at each WAIER Forum are invited to submit an article for publication on the Proceedings website. Submission is optional and acceptance of presentation proposals is not dependent upon any commitment to prepare a Proceedings article. Articles are not refereed, although the editors do make corrections to spelling, grammar and referencing. Articles are eligible for the Proceedings only if the author, or at least the first named author in the case of multiple authors, attended and presented at the Forum.

The main purpose for the Proceedings is to support the WAIER Forum process, by creating an opportunity to reinforce the link between research presentation and research writing, by encouraging presenters to add to or refine their presentations, and by giving participants and others access to some of the information presented in sessions they could not attend.

Copyright Authors retain copyright in their individual articles. Authors are free to re-publish the same version or a modified version elsewhere, for example in a refereed journal. Some authors may wish to submit also to IIER, the refereed journal managed by WAIER, see http://www.iier.org.au/iier.html
Writing for the proceedings The content of your submission is at your discretion. You may wish to submit a summary of your presentation - this is a very useful format for those who attended the Forum but were unable to attend your parallel session. You may choose to expand briefly upon your presentation, for example by adding references, additional discussion, additional diagrams, etc. This type of submission is useful for those who may wish to follow up your work in more detail than was possible in a 30 minute session. Other types of submission could include writing in the style of a conventional journal article, or writing a 'progress report' on your research. Whatever kind of submission you prepare, it is likely to be valuable practice prior to writing the thesis version - that is one of the functions for the Proceedings.
Submission Your submission should be in the form of an MS Word document (any version of Word, ex Windows or ex Mac equally acceptable). You must present the whole of your article, including tables, diagrams, screen pictures or other graphics, in a single file. You must ensure that your article "looks" the way you wish it to, when displayed on your own screen or dumped to your own printer. Although you may use any formatting (because the Editors will create a standard formatting in HTML, similar to previous articles in Forum Proceedings or in IIER), it is helpful if you use a "generic" standard formatting in Word, as illustrated in [Formatting your paper].

Also, it does save the Editors some time if you use only "Normal" style, use Macquarie Dictionary spelling, use APA referencing style, check the validity of URLs (see previous proceedings or IIER for examples of how to cite URLs), and have a colleague proof read your article before submission. If you wish, you may include a brief 'bio' (see IIER for examples, eg http://www.iier.org.au/iier13/breen.html)

Remember that you may use colour in diagrams or other illustrations, although running text should be black only (font colour "automatic" in Word). Screen pictures, if used, may be cropped appropriately, and may be resized within Word, but should not be resized by other programs, as the Editors will determine an appropriate file size and image size when creating image files for the website. If using Microsoft software, e.g. Excel, to draw figures or charts, please ensure that you select an appropriate font size for legends. Do not accept uncritically the MS defaults, because otherwise the Editors may have considerable work in getting the lettering in such diagrams up to an acceptable standard for web based screen reading.

Emailing to the Proceedings Editors Submissions are to be made only by email, as an attachment, addressed to c.mcbeath@bigpond.com, rjatkinson@bigpond.com (to both addresses, please, to enable automatic creation of our initial backup copies). Please use a filename that includes the first author's family name, eg breen.doc, houghton.doc, etc. For two or more submissions, please add digits after family name, eg rickards1.doc, rickards2.doc, etc.

There is no specific deadline, as each article will be individually added to the website soon after receipt. However, you should impose upon yourself a reasonable deadline for submitting, for example within 1-2 weeks after the Forum if you are making only a few modifications to your presentation, or, 4-6 weeks after the Forum if you are making substantial additions or revisions.

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