Western Australian Institute for Educational Research

37th Annual Research Forum: Research for disruption: Making a difference
University of Notre Dame, 1.00 pm to 6.30 pm, Saturday 6 August 2022

Postgraduate Awards 2022

The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research presents a number of Postgraduate Awards annually. The aim of these Awards is to recognise excellence in postgraduate student research in the field of education. The Faculty, School or Department of Education from each participating university in WA selects an outstanding student researcher to whom this prize will be awarded. The 2022 Postgraduate Awards were conferred by WAIER Vice-President Dr Paul Gardner.

Dr Scott Gaines
Curtin University
(conferred in absentia)
PhD thesis
A flipped classroom approach in undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology: A mixed methods study evaluating learning environment and student outcomes
Dr Amelia Ruscoe
Edith Cowan University
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
PhD thesis
Power, perspective and affordance in early childhood education
Dr Nancy Bonfiglio-Pavisich
The University of Notre Dame
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
PhD thesis
The mentoring experiences of early career teachers in Australia
Dr Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett
Murdoch University
[ Photo ]
PhD thesis
On country learning: Towards a culturally responsive pedagogy for Aboriginal education

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