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WAIER Forum 2017: Sundowner

These photographs illustrate activities at the 33rd Annual Research Forum, Saturday 5 August 2017, at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

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Photo: Raffle draw begins
Raffle draw begins...
Raffle - first winner is applauded
Photo: Raffle - another winner
Raffle - another winner

Raffle - last winner, Julia Morris
Photo: WAIER Committee 2017
WAIER Committee 2017, L to R: Anne Coffey, Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath, Helen Dempsey, Michelle Murphy, Greg Hine, Veronica Gardner, Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis, Sonja Kuzich, Paul Gardner, Sue Beltman, Rosana Stout, Brad Gobby, Paula Mildenhall, Caroline Mansfield, Chris Glass, Rita Tognini.

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