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WAIER Forum 2012: Sundowner

These photographs illustrate activities at the 27th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 11 August 2012, at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

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Photo: Begin the Sundowner
Let the Sundowner begin!

Brad Gobby, Lesley-Newhouse-Maiden, Eva Dobozy and Leanne Fried relax

Photo: Ildeniz Ozverir
Ildeniz Ozverir [Abstract] and Lisette Hornstra [Abstract],
Murdoch University
Photo: Yang Liu and Liyan Liu
Yang Liu [Abstract] and Liyan Liu [Abstract], Curtin University

Photo: Fiona Cumming, Jan Herrington and Lorraine Jacob
Fiona Cumming, University of Melbourne and Murdoch University [Abstract], Jan Herrington, Murdoch University [Abstract], and
Lorraine Jacob, Murdoch University [Abstract]

Photo: Khairiah Syahabuddin
Khairiah Syahabuddin,
Edith Cowan University [Abstract]
Photo: David F. Treagust, Nicola Griffiths and Rachel Sheffield
David F. Treagust [Abstract], Nicola Griffiths [Abstract] and Rachel Sheffield, Curtin University

Photo: Greg Thompson and Rose Carnes
Greg Thompson, WAIER Early Career Award Recipient 2012 [Abstract] and
Rose Carnes [Abstract], Murdoch University
Photo: Matthew Kemp
Matthew Kemp, Postgraduate Award
recipient, The University of
Western Australia [Abstract]

Photo: Notre Dame student helpers
Notre Dame Education Students Society helped with catering .... thank you!

Photo: Vaille Dawson and Pina Tarricone
Vaille Dawson, Curtin University [Abstract], and
Pina Tarricone, Edith Cowan University [Abstract]
Photo: Raffle draw 1
Sonja Kuzich, Gary Partington and Sue Beltman drawing
raffle prize winners

Photo: Raffle draw 2
Waiting for raffle prize winners to be announced....
Photo: Raffle draw 3
A winner! May I take the wine prize?

Photo: Raffle draw 4
Yes, I'll take the wine! Sonja Kuzich, Gary Partington, Sue Beltman, Roger Atkinson (cameraman), Clare McBeath (with winner's wine)

Photo: Bookworms
The bookworms are hungering... Chris Conlan and Pina Tarricone popping up from a
subterranean view of the ACER display
Photo: Happy Hour!
Happy Hour! Miki Dobozy (a Forum
photographer) and Elaine Lewis
(Murdoch University)

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