Western Australian Institute for Educational Research

27th Annual Research Forum: Transforming practice: The value of educational research
University of Notre Dame, 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm, Saturday 11 August

Postgraduate Awards 2012

Every year a post graduate student is nominated from each of Perth's five universities to receive a WAIER Postgraduate Award. The Award is based on a high quality research thesis or publication, at Masters or PhD level. The 2012 Postgraduate Awards were presented as part of the Forum.

Mr Jeffrey Brown
Edith Cowan University
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
MEd (Research) thesis
The impact of student created Slowmation on the teaching and learning of primary science
Dr Dianne Chambers
The University of Notre Dame
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
PhD thesis
Assistive technology: Effects of training on Education Assistants' perceptions of themselves as users and facilitators of assistive technology and consequent transfer of skills to the classroom environment
Dr Matthew W. Kemp
The University of Western Australia
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
Best postgraduate publication in education
Kemp, M. W., Newnham, J. P. & Chapman, E. (2012). The biomedical doctorate in the contemporary university: Education or training and why it matters. Higher Education, 63(5), 631-644.
Dr Janean Robinson
Murdoch University
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
PhD thesis
'Troubling' behaviour management: Listening to student voices
Dr Josephine Sia
Curtin University of Technology
[ Presentation abstract ] [ Photo ]
Doctorate in Science Education
High school students' proficiency and confidence levels in displaying their understanding of basic electrolysis concepts

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