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WAIER Forum 2011: Forum activities

These photographs illustrate the venue, registration period and some session presentation activities at the 26th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 13 August 2011, at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

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WAIER logo
Photo: Brad Gobby at registration desk
'If you build it, will they come?' Brad Gobby preparing the registration desk.

Photo: Committee awaits registrants
'... will they come?' Committee awaits registrants.

The streets
were empty...
Photo: The streets were empty

Photo: The building awaits
The building awaits...

The doors
are open...
Photo: The doors are open
Photo: The lecture theatre is ready
The lecture theatre is ready...

An arrival!
Keynote speaker
Professor Jan
Herrington is
greeted by
Caroline Mansfield
and Brad Gobby
Photo: An arrival - keynote speaker Jan Herrington
Registration becoming busier!
Photo: Registration becomes busier
Carolyn Murphy, representing TCU, the Awards Sponsor
Members Equity Bank, Sponsor
Photo: Members Equity Bank, sponsor
Pearson Australia, Sponsor
Photo: Pearson Australia, Sponsor
Yuli Rahmawati and colleagues
Jennifer Pearson and Pauline Roberts
WAIER Preident Chris Hackett
opening the Forum

Photo: Chris Hackett
Ms Carolyn Murphy, representing Awards
Sponsor, Teachers Credit Union

Photo: Carolyn Murphy
Professor Jan Herrington, Keynote Address,
Possibilities of authentic e-learning

Photo: Jan Herrington
Jan Herrington explaining that her first conference presentation was at WAIER Forum 1995
Photo: Jan Herrington
Presentation by Ian van Loosen
Photo: Ian van Loosen
Presentation by Eva Dobozy
Photo: Eva Dobozy
Presentation by Jenni Parker
Photo: Jenni Parker
Presentation by Greg Harbaugh
Photo: Greg Harbaugh
Afternoon tea and coffee break
A session in progress in Computer Lab 303

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