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WAIER Forum 2011: Awards and Fellow

These photographs illustrate activities at the 26th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 13 August 2011, at Notre Dame University, Fremantle. WAIER Awards were presented by Ms Carolyn Murphy, representing the Awards sponsor, the Teachers Credit Union, and the Fellowship was presented by Dr Phil Paioff (WAIER Fellowships Subcommittee).

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Dr Angela Fitzgerald
Edith Cowan University
PhD thesis
Beliefs, knowledge and practices of effective science teachers
[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Dr Angela Fitzgerald
Ms Anne Harris
Murdoch University
Masters (Research) degree
An investigation of the relationship between emotional literacy and bullying
[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Ms Anne Harris
Dr Deborah Margaret Southwell
Curtin University of Technology
PhD thesis
Leadership in Australian higher education: Lessons from female educational leaders
[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Dr Deborah Southwell
Dr Elisabeth Tchacos
The University of Notre Dame
PhD thesis
Attitudes and opinions of Aboriginal youth to suicide in the Goldfields region of WA
(pictured later with thesis supervisor Professor Richard Berlach)
[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Dr Elisabeth Tchacos
Ms Wahiza Wahi
The University of Western Australia
Best Postgraduate Publication for 2011
[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Ms Wahiza Wahi
Dr Tania Broadley
WAIER Early Career Award
Recipient 2011

[Presentation abstract]
Photo: Dr Tania Broadley

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Awards sponsor, represented by Ms Carolyn Murphy

Associate Professor Lina Pelliccione
WAIER Fellow
Photo: Associate Professor Lina Pelliccione

[Photos 2 - Forum activities] [Photos 3 - Sundowner]
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