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WAIER Forum 2010: Forum lunchtime

These photographs illustrate activities at the 25th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 7 August 2010, at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University.

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WAIER logo

Photo: ACER sponsorship
ACER sponsorship, represented by Maxine O'Shannassy
Anne Coffey
Photo: Sophia Bickford and Zarin Salter
Sophia Bickford and Zarin Salter, UWA
Photo: Robert Dixon and Lina Pelliccione
Robert Dixon and Lina Pelliccione, WAIER Committee
Photo: A UWA group
A UWA group
Committee members with Brendon Adams representing WAIER Awards sponsor, Teachers Credit Union.
Photo: Agatha Inkoom
Right: Agatha Inkoom
Photo: Geof Low
Dr Geoffrey Lowe, PG Award winner, ECU
Photo: Sonja Kuzich and others
WAIER Committee member Sonja Kuzich (left) and President Chris Hackett (right)
Photo: Poh family
The Poh family visited from Singapore to meet Jonathan Poh [Presentation abstract]
Photo: Eva Dobozy
WAIER Committee member Eva Dobozy (right)
Photo: A UWA group
A UWA group including Ciara O'Loughlin (2nd right), Virginia Gogan (3rd right) and Catherine Bapty (4th right)
Photo: Caroline Mansfield and others
WAIER Committee members Caroline Mansfield (left), Robert Dixon (3rd right) and Brad Gobby (4th right)
Photo: Prize draw
Awaiting the lunchtime prize draw ...
Photo: Prize draw
Above: Awaiting the lunchtime
prize draw ...

Right: And the prize winner is ...

Thanks to prize donor and
sponsor the Teachers Health Fund,
represented by Amanda Brandt
Photo: Announcing prize winner

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