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WAIER Forum 2007: Fellows and Awards

These photographs illustrate activities at the 22nd Annual Research Forum, Saturday 11 August 2007, at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University. Digital photography by Roger Atkinson. WAIER-Fogarty Awards presenter Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, WAIER Fellowships presenters Mr Ian Gaynor, President, and Dr Judy MacCallum.

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Dr Diana Brown
Edith Cowan University
PhD thesis, 2006
Teachers' implicit theories of expression in visual art education: A study of Western Australian teachers
Photo: Dr Diana Brown
Mr Brad Gobby
Murdoch University
[Presentation abstract]
MEd thesis, 2006
Captured becomings: An assemblage of sexual difference, neoliberal capitalism and bodies in the boys' education debate
Photo: Mr Brad Gobby
Dr Christine Howitt
Curtin University of Technology
[Presentation abstract]
PhD thesis, 2006
Confidence and attitudes towards science and science teaching: Preservice primary teachers' conceptions of an holistic science methods course
Photo: Dr Christine Howitt
Dr Angela McCarthy
University of Notre Dame Australia
[Presentation abstract]
PhD thesis, 2007
A grounded theory: Realising family potential through choice of schooling
Photo: Dr Angela McCarthy
Dr Hanapi Mohamad
The University of Western Australia
PhD thesis, 2006
[Thesis abstract]
Promoting creativity in early childhood education in Brunei Darussalam

Dr Mohamad sent his best wishes for Forum 2007 and this photo from his office.
Photo: Dr Hanapi Mohamad
Dr Maria Northcote
Edith Cowan University
[Presentation abstract]

Early Career Award recipient
Photo: Dr Maria Northcote

Photo: All WAIER-Fogarty 2007 Award recipients
All WAIER-Fogarty 2007 Award recipients. Left to right: Mr Brad Gobby, Dr Christine Howitt, Dr Angela McCarthy, Dr Diana Brown and Dr Maria Northcote (Early Career Award).

Dr Phillip Paioff
WAIER Fellow
Photo: Dr Phillip Paioff, WAIER Fellow
Dr Susan Hall
WAIER Fellow
Photo: Dr Susan Hall, WAIER Fellow

Photo: WAIER Fellows 2007
WAIER Fellows 2007 and presenters. Left to right: Mr Ian Gaynor, WAIER President, Dr Phillip Paioff, Dr Susan Hall and Dr Judy MacCallum.

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