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Proceedings Western Australian Institute for
Educational Research Forum 2006

WAIER offered Forum 2006 participants an option for post-conference, world wide web publication of articles. For advice on submitting a Proceedings article, please see [ Advice to Authors ]. We thank the authors listed below for their contributions to the Proceedings website.

Proceedings files will be mounted after post-Forum receipt from authors,
expected to be during the period 6 August to early September 2006

John Bednall Devising a phenomenological study within the qualitative paradigm
Philip Deschamp The power and impact of educational research: Where are you?
An address by the WAIER Fellowship Recipient 2006
Karen Murcia An evidenced based framework for developing scientific literacy
Lou Siragusa Quality e-learning: Designing pedagogically effective web based environments for enhancing student online learning in higher education
Margaret Sutherland Identifying students with learning difficulties and finding solutions

Please cite as: WAIER (2006). Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum 2006. Edith Cowan University, 5 August.

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