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20th Annual Research Forum
at Edith Cowan University
Building 17, Mt Lawley Campus

Forum 2005 Schedule

Presentations on Saturday 6 August [ Abstracts ]
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The Forum activities are in Building 17. We recommend car parking on the northern side adjacent to the Central Avenue entrance, and near Building 17, as parking in other areas of the campus may be congested by other activities - see ECU Campus Maps (select Mt Lawley). Saturday parking is free.

9:30-10:00Registration and Coffee and Muffins in the Foyer of Building 17
[ Refreshments will be available ongoing ]
President's Welcome in the Lecture Theatre of Building 1717.103
TimeSession presentersTitleRoom
Parallel 1
Delphine Shaw
Thinking patterns, pupil engagement and understanding in early childhood17.102
Jenny Lane
Determining the professional development needs of teachers regarding learning styles17.103
Eva Dobozy, Val Faulkner & Janet Hunter
Making a case for portfolio work: Challenging the traditional educational paradigm of input education17.123
Sharon Ross
The re-engagement of early school leavers through technical and further education17.125
Jan Gray, Gary Partington, Ann Galloway & Graeme Gower
Research methodology workshop: Researching longitudinally (1 hour workshop)17.202
Parallel 2
Rosemary Evans
The effect of a professional development program on the promotion of scientific awareness17.102
Jennie Bickmore-Brand & Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
Preparing tomorrow's citizens today: Middle years' success stories17.103
Robert Dixon
A professional electronic portfolio for educational leaders: the production phase17.123
Eve Ruddock
Non-musicians' perspectives of musicality: Contradictions in key informants' perceptions raise issues of connection and disconnection17.125
Jan Gray, Gary Partington, Ann Galloway & Graeme Gower
Research methodology workshop: Researching longitudinally (1 hour workshop, continued)17.202
Parallel 3
Caroline Mansfield
Recognition and motivation: The impact of systems of recognition on student motivation in middle school17.102
Rachel Sheffield, Mark Hackling & Denis Goodrum
Evaluating teacher professional learning experiences during the Collaborative Australian Secondary Science Program17.103
Lesley Payne
School governance: Phases, participation and paradox17.123
Rosemary Evans, Rehka Koul & Leonie Rennie
Raising science awareness through an environmentally focused school-community project17.125
Gail Chittleborough
Conclusions about the effectiveness of educational research methodologies in investigating how students learn17.202
Parallel 4
Veronica Morcom
Mediating classroom culture based on democratic values: A sociocultural exploration of a teacher's facilitative role17.102
Chris Conlan & Rusdiana Junaid
Attitudes towards the use of Bahasa Indonesia in the English Education Study Programme classrooms17.103
Sharinaz A. Hassan
Computer supported intentional learning effects on student achievement, attitudes, higher order thinking and metacognition17.123
Margaret Sutherland
How do children with learning difficulties slip undetected through the educational system? What can be done?17.125
Beatrice Imathiu & Roger Vallance
Mixed model research: Self concept and the highly skilled professional17.202
12:30-1:30Lunch in Cafeteria
Presentation of Postgraduate Awards
Memorial address for Regina Gitau, presented by Roger Vallance
Presentation of WAIER Fellowships
Parallel 5
Rekha B Koul & Darrell L Fisher
Primary school students' perceptions of their teachers' interpersonal behaviour: Identifying exemplary teachers17.102
Joanne Griffiths, Lesley Vidovich and Anne Chapman
Curriculum policy processes: Comparative case studies17.103
Jaya Earnest
Young refugee perspectives on psychosocial well-being17.123
Mary Delfin Pereira & Roger J. Vallance
Multi-site action research case studies: Practical benefits and challenges17.125
Parallel 6
Victoria Stephens
Critical Literacy: A study concerning the ways in which children identify and disrupt stereotypes in toy catalogues17.102
Patricia Dooey
Issues of English language proficiency for international students17.103
Karin Oerlemans & Marnie O'Neill
Students in educational change: A Freirian culture of silence17.123
Nan Broad
Dusty files and dusty tracks: Research methodology for extracting information from devious sources17.125
Parallel 7
Pina Tarricone
Dewey, reflection and metacognition: The problem solving connection17.102
Thelma Blackford
Pedagogical writing issues of international students17.103
Francis Donohoe
The effect of the control on comparative adolescent coping profiles17.123
4.30-5.30Post Conference Happy HourFoyer

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