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WAIER Forum 2005: Happy Hour

These photographs illustrate activities at the 20th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 6 August 2005, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University. Digital photography by Roger Vallance and Roger Atkinson.

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Left: Roger Vallance and Beatrice Imathiu

Right: Pina Tarricone and Gail Chittleborough, with artwork
Happy hour photo 1Happy hour photo 2
Left: Judy MacCallum and Leslie Newhouse-Maiden

Right: Margaret Sutherland, Roger Vallance and more artworks
Happy hour photo 3Happy hour photo 4
Left: Eve Ruddock and others (we need a larger font on the name tags)

Right: others and Zsuzsanna Millei
Happy hour photo 5Happy hour photo 6
Left: Kathy Ford and Mary Pereira

Right: Caroline Mansfield and Sue Beltman
Happy hour photo 9Happy hour photo 10
Left: Beatrice Imathiu and Pina Tarricone

Right: Sue Beltman, Robert Dixon and Clare McBeath have the last word, under the watchful eye of the artwork.
Happy hour photo 7Happy hour photo 8

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