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In memorium: Regina Gitau

A photographic tribute to the late Regina Gitau, compiled by her thesis supervisor at University of Notre Dame Australia, Associate Professor Roger Vallance, and presented to WAIER's 20th Annual Research Forum, Saturday 6 August 2005.

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Regina Gitau was a proud Kenyan. She had studied both in Nairobi and in England, obtaining degrees in Education, Counselling and a Master of Education.
Regina had already worked as a teacher in Kenya, as a curriculum consultant for the Ministry of Education, and as an author of several primary school textbooks.
Regina had a deep passion for justice and an enduring affection for children. It is from these wellsprings that the energy and commitment that drove her research derived. Regina's research was to be for her people, with her people, to her people.
Regina made friends easily, with a quiet self assurance that made her a ready listener and loyal friend.

Regina was one of the IPRS Awardees of 2003.

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