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19th Annual Research Forum at Edith Cowan University
Building 17, Mt Lawley Campus

Forum 2004 Schedule

Presentations on Saturday 7 August [ Abstracts ] [ Forum Invitation ] [ Contents of Proceedings ]
The Forum activities are in Building 17. We recommend car parking on the northern side adjacent to the Central Avenue entrance, and near Building 17, as parking in other areas of the campus may be congested by other activities - see ECU Campus Maps (select Mt Lawley). Saturday parking is free.

9:30-10:00Registration and Coffee and Muffins in the Foyer of Building 17
[Upstairs, outside Room 17.221. Refreshments will be available ongoing)
President's Welcome in the Lecture Theatre of Building 1717.103
TimeSession presentersTitleRoom
Parallel 1
Glenda RaisonThe design and evaluation of a cooperative reading strategy for children with reading difficulties17.102
Lim Hwee LingCreating and re-using learning objects: A constructivist approach17.103
Lynette RodriguezThe novice Aboriginal researcher researching in Aboriginal contexts: A bag of mixed emotions?17.123
Jumiati IsmailInterviewing business elites: A researcher's experiences and challenges17.125
SMEC Symposium
Peter Taylor and Grady Venville
Symposium Leaders
Critical arts based research: Transformative professional development for teachers from 'developing' countries17.201
Madihah KhalidEnhancing students' mathematics performance through cooperative learning17.218
Parallel 2
Shelda Bairstow and
Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
The efficacy of Grace Fernald's VAKT method for improving the performance of children with reading difficulties17.102
Doug ReidSo you want to teach online: Factors affecting the capabilities of online tutors17.103
Prem MudhanImproving the participation of Aboriginal students in post-compulsory education: A case for place conscious education17.123
Moira Watson and Llandis Barratt-PughResearching management development: The case of BankWest17.125
Priscilla AliawiA critical autoethnography of cultural learning and IT integration in PNG schools17.201
Gary Partington and
Ann Galloway
Effective teaching of Indigenous students with conductive hearing loss17.218
Parallel 3
Christine GlassSupporting professionals in action research: Carrot or stick?17.102
Vikki Pedalina, Peter Taylor
and Martin Dougiamas
Teachers' beliefs and values in transformative online learning17.103
Sophie LeeTeachers' perceptions of aboriginal education in Taiwan: A mixed methods case study17.123
Kathleen BaldwinSituating the author: Factoring personal biography into methodological choices for postgraduate research17.125
Paguy RungvilaicharoenPostmodern writing explorations of learning and teaching science in Thai culture17.201
Pina TarriconeUsing a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to aid the demystification of the construct of metacognition17.218
Parallel 4
Chris ConlanAbout face: Linguistic politeness and illocutionary point in Australian English and in two Asian varieties17.102
Carole SteketeeICT as an integral teaching and learning tool: UNDA's experience17.103
Agnes MeerwaldChineseness at the crossroads17.123
Greg ThompsonThe geneology of connectedness17.125
Amos VeremachiCultural context in understanding science in Mozambique: A self reflection17.201
12:30-1:30Lunch in Cafeteria
Presentation of Postgraduate Awards
Presentation of Early Career Award
Address by ECA winner Jaya Earnest
Presentation of WAIER Fellowships
Parallel 5
Pat Forster, Vaille Dawson
and Doug Reid
Assessing ability to teach with ICT17.102
Lee PartridgeIn a world of their own: A new approach to understanding the actions of adolescent boys diagnosed ADHD17.103
Regina GitauInterviewing primary aged students about their classroom behaviour17.123
Thelma BlackfordCurriculum reform and the postmodern condition17.125
Research Methodology Workshop
Rob Phillips (1 hour)
A scaffolded approach to the design of evaluation research studies: Application to educational technology17.201
Parallel 6
Rekha Koul and Darrell FisherTeacher-student interpersonal behaviour and its associations with cultural and gender differences, student attitudes...17.102
Christine BuckleyResearching up: Power, politics and trade offs17.103
Chris HackettThe formation of inexperienced religious education teachers during a period of curriculum change17.123
Kim Jinhee, Andrew Taggart and Dawn PenneyDeveloping student centred pedagogies through international research17.125
Research Methodology Workshop
Rob Phillips (cont.)
A scaffolded approach to the design of evaluation research studies: Application to educational technology17.201
Parallel 7
Christine HowittThe use of critical incident vignettes to share a pre-service primary teacher's science learning journey17.102
Olabisi KuteyiLearning community: A gateway to eliciting students' voices in their learning - a Nigerian case study17.103
Robert DixonThe Fiji Education Sector Program (FESP): An evaluation of the two executive tours of WA during 200417.123
4.15-5.15Post Conference Happy HourFoyer

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