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Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum 2003

WAIER offered Forum 2003 participants an option for post-conference, world wide web publication of articles. For advice on submitting a Proceedings article, please see [ Advice to Authors ]. We thank the authors listed below for their contributions to the Proceedings website.

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Dan Churach and Tony Rickards The Science Career Inventory (SCI): What motivates students to pursue higher degrees in metallurgy?
Jaya Earnest Education reconstruction in a transitional society: The case of East Timor
Ian W. Gaynor and
Barry J. Fraser
Online collaborative projects: A journey for two Year 5 technology rich classrooms
Madihah Khalid Applications to the real world: Making mathematics enjoyable for technical students in Brunei
Bal Chandra Luitel and
Peter Charles Taylor
Critiquing situatedness: An integrated approach to improving a researcher's practice
Tony Rickards, Perry den Brok, Eric Bull and Darrell Fisher Predicting student views of the classroom: A Californian perspective
Tony Rickards, Perry den Brok and Darrell Fisher What does the Australian teacher look like? Australian typologies for teacher-student interpersonal behaviour
Tony Rickards and Perry den Brok Factors influencing students' perceptions of their teachers' interpersonal behaviour: A multilevel analysis
Eve Ruddock and Sam Leong The 'unmusical' label: A verdict of self judgement
Elisabeth Settelmaier Mapping an interpretive researcher's sensitivities toward her subject(s): A critical autobiography
Tanya M Vernon Innovation economy

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