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17th Annual Research Forum
at Edith Cowan University
Building 3, Mt Lawley Campus

Forum 2002 Schedule

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9:30-10:00Registration and Coffee and Muffins in the Foyer of Building 3
(refreshments will be available ongoing)
President's Welcome in the Lecture Theatre of Building 3 (Room 3.101)Lecture
TimeSession presentersTitleRoom
Parallel 1
Susan Beltman"Practice makes perfect": Examining the motivation of athletes and musicians to engage in solo practice and training3.208
Nick CheesmanReading the nation in Myanmar schoolbooks3.209
Gail Chittleborough, Mauro Mocerino and David TreagustAn evaluation of the introduction of online resources in a first-year chemistry course3.210
Jo Hart and Renu SharmaEvaluation of an innovative approach to the extension of adult literacy skills3.211
Vaille DawsonFactors influencing ethical decision-making amongst adolescents3.212
Chi-Yan Tsui and David F. TreagustLearning genetics with multiple external representations: Preliminary findings in a laptop school3.213
Jayne WaltonFirst past the post is the winner: First year students' adaptation to university3.216
Parallel 2
Diane Broderick, Lynne Cohen, Neil Drew and Lisbeth PikeAdolescents' sense of belonging: A community high school perspective3.208
Madihah KhalidMaking sense of radian measure: The experience of technical students in Brunei Darussalam3.209
Kath Murray, Barbara Combs, Jill Aldridge and Barry FraserInvestigating the integration of ICT into teaching and learning at Sevenoaks Senior College3.210
Matt Barron, Renu Sharma and Moira WatsonEvaluation of the school based Traineeship in building and construction industries pilot program3.211
Patrick MaherDeciding whether to adopt a qualitative or quantitative approach to case-text based research3.212
Elisabeth SettelmaierDilemma stories as a way of addressing ethical issues in the context of science education: An evaluation3.213
Dawn Darlaston-JonesEquity or marginalisation? The effects of unilateral policies and procedures in higher education3.216
Parallel 3
Vicky HoughtonThe intimate educational environment: Redefining the teacher-pupil relationship within an 'emotion' paradigm3.208
Tulsi MorarThe contribution of two key teachers to the professional development of their colleagues in South Africa3.209
Dave Proctor, Paul Knapton, Jill Aldridge and Barry FraserInvestigating the success of a grade 11 online nuclear physics program3.210
Renu Sharma, Jo Hart, Pokua Asomani and Moira WatsonAn industry-led VET system: Issues for policy, practice and practitioners3.211
Gary Partington1 hour Workshop: Interviewing: Tales to make you put your tape recorder away3.212
Sean Fitzpatrick, Lynne Cohen, Lisbeth Pike and Neil DrewTALK: A language enrichment and social skills enhancement program3.213
Catherine DunworthEnglish language proficiency for tertiary study: Finding an appropriate entry level3.216
Parallel 4
Rick KellnerPeer relationship problems and implications for socioemotional functioning among psychosocially at-risk and not at-risk children3.208
WahyudiThe status of science classroom learning environment at Indonesian lower secondary schools3.209
Lou SiragusaResearch into the effectiveness of online learning in higher education: Survey findings3.210
Matt Barron, Renu Sharma and Moira WatsonOnline learning for rural and remote VET learners: Access and equity concerns and issues3.211
Gary Partington1 hour Workshop (cont): Interviewing: Tales to make you put your tape recorder away3.212
Peter Milnes and Keith TruscottTeaching to the difference: Confronting cultural barriers as a key to effective Australian indigenous education3.213
12:30-1:15Lunch in Cafeteria
Presentation of Postgraduate Awards
Presentation of Early Career Award
Address by ECA Winner Dr Pat Forster
Parallel 5
Caroline MansfieldSituated motivation: The complexity of multiple goals and contexts during early adolescence3.208
Angela McCarthyThe dual school system in Australia: A culture of choice3.209
Jaya EarnestEducation in transitional societies: A window to understanding change through dilemmas3.210
Wendy Cumming-PotvinA sociocultural analysis of language: Extending students' learning and development in a primary classroom3.211
Roger Vallance1 hour Workshop: Choosing the right Qualitative Data Analysis Package for YOU!3.212
Parallel 6
Zsuzsanna Judit MilleiHow do personal theories of childhood influence everyday practice?3.208
Wayne McGowanUnderstanding the student: History helps3.209
Lucy ReillyHow do parents manage home schooling of children with disabilities?3.210
Fiona ScottCan an action-oriented organisational culture be a learning culture?3.211
Roger Vallance1 hour Workshop (cont): Choosing the right Qualitative Data Analysis Package for YOU!3.212
Parallel 7
Christine FairhallVeterans' vendetta: What can a 19th century court martial teach us about how organisations exercise power?3.209
Rose M. SeniorClass-centred teaching: A new approach to understanding classroom behaviour3.210
3.45-4.45Post Conference Happy HourFoyer

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