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16th Annual Research Forum
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Forum 2001 Schedule

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9:30-10:00Registration and Coffee and Muffins in the Foyer of Building 3
(refreshments will be available ongoing)
10:00-10:15President's Welcome in the Lecture Theatre of Building 3Lecture
TimeSession presentersTitleRoom
Parallel 1
Lauren Breen, Lynne Cohen, Lisbeth Pike, Neil Drew, Alison Young & Sue HaunoldPeer mentoring for university students: Is group mentoring as effective as one-on-one mentoring?3.209
Helen Wildy, William Louden & Caroline BaileyHigh stakes testing in a low stakes environment: PIPS Baseline Assessment in Australia3.210
Thapelo Mamiala & David TreagustSchool science textbooks' use of scientific explanations3.211
Mark JonesThe nature of 'repair'- A conversation analysis of Japanese students speaking in English3.212
Lou SiragusaIn search of effective instructional design principles for online learning in higher education3.101
Parallel 2
Dawn Darlaston-Jones, Lisbeth Pike, Lynne Cohen, Neil Drew, Alison Young, & Sue HaunoldAre you being served? Student expectations of higher education3.209
Peter WhippTeaching swimming: Issues beyond drowning!3.210
David Treagust, Gail Chittleborough & Thapelo MamialaStudents' concept of models: An epistemological and ontological perspective3.211
Francis DonohoeHorses for courses: Profiling student management of the transition from Year 10 to the senior agricultural college3.212
Lynn L. K. LimGetting into a new research area3.101
Parallel 3
Etelvina Silva, Victor Ramos & Paulo CampeloTeacher's perception of their knowledge about teaching activity3.209
Lennie BarblettWalking the talk? Articulating early childhood pedagogical differences in the primary school setting3.210
Chi-Yan Tsui & David TreagustLearning genetics with an interactive multimedia: Year 10 students' voices3.211
Bob PeckThe poor stay poor and the rich stay rich3.212
Helen WildyWorkshop (1 hour): Working with grounded theory3.101
Parallel 4
Clare McBeath, Renu Sharma & Moira WatsonEvaluating a university program3.209
Patrick Tlalelo MmokeleDevelopment of principles for integration of technology education in primary schools curriculum in Botswana3.210
Tony Rickards, Eric Bull & Darrell FisherApplication of the WIHIC in a study of school racial diversity and socio-economic status3.211
Anthea TaylorI honestly can't see the point of it: Peer messages regarding Year 12 completion3.212
Helen WildyWorkshop (continued from 11.25-11.55): Working with grounded theory3.101
12:30-1:15Lunch in Cafeteria
1.15-1.55Presentation of Postgraduate Awards
Presentation of Early Career Award to Dr Libby Lee
Address by Dr Lee
TimeSession presentersTitleRoom
Parallel 5
Anna Bosco, Catherine Ward & Irene StylesStudent nurses vision of nursing: Realism versus idealism3.209
Graham DanielParental involvement in their child's school: A hermeneutic phenomenological investigation3.210
Gina Williams-Pearse and Leonie RennieVisitors' perceptions of the communication of science through a science centre and a museum3.211
Elaine SharplinRural retreat or outback hell: Pre-service expectations of rural and remote teaching3.212
Roger VallanceWorkshop (1.5 hr): Choosing qualitative analysis software3.101
Parallel 6
Thelma Blackford & Janine RutledgePathway to undergraduate study: Academic discourse in Foundation Studies3.209
Lucy ReillyHow parents manage the home schooling of their children with disabilities3.210
Jaya EarnestImproving classroom environments in early learning institutions: Linking leadership and professional development to enhance school effectiveness3.211
Helen Wildy, William Louden, Neil Dempster & Mark FreakleyThe moral dimension of school principals' work: Standards, cases and social capital3.212
Roger VallanceWorkshop (1.5 hr continued from 2:00-2:30): Choosing qualitative analysis software3.101
Parallel 7
Angela McCarthyEducational choice: A grounded theory study3.209
Margaret SutherlandChildren with special needs in reading and learning: A sight vocabulary project3.210
Tony Rickards, Michael Newby & Darrell FisherTeacher and student perceptions of classroom interactions: A multi-level model3.211
Irene Poh-Ai Cheong & David TreagustAn evaluation of environmental education and environmental attributes in Brunei3.212
Roger VallanceWorkshop (1.5 hr continued from 2:35-3.05): Choosing qualitative analysis software3.101
3.45Post Conference Happy HourFoyer

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