Western Australian Institute for Educational Research

15th Annual Research Forum
at Edith Cowan University
Building 3, Mt Lawley Campus

Forum 2000 Schedule

Presentations on Saturday 19 August [ Abstracts ] [ Program Outline ]

10:00-10:30Day and Late Registration and collection of WAIER Forum materialsFoyer
10:30-10:55President's Welcome and Introduction of Executive
Housekeeping, Location of rooms, lunch, afternoon tea and
happy hour arrangements. Presentation information.
TimeSession code, presenters and titleRoom
Session A
A.1Lesley P. Newhouse-MaidenAfternoon tea with Kathy White - a country teachers story: The quest for self and identity in teaching during the early 1940s and 1970s3.110
A.2Bob PeckExplicit standards for high stakes assessment3.111
A.3Gail Chittleborough, David F. Treagust and Thapelo L. MamialaContradictions in secondary students' understanding of scientific models3.112
A.4Jaya Earnest and David TreagustChallenges to science education reform in Rwanda3.211
A.5Margaret SutherlandWhy are students failing? Is mainstreaming the cause?3.212
A.6Paul NewhouseThe potential of wireless networking in a primary school3.101
Session B
B.1Anthea TaylorInterviewing adolescent boys: Revisiting the telephone3.110
B.2Jan GrayNon-attendance policy and practice: A form of social exclusion in Western Australia3.111
B.3Georgia CarragherDevelopment and evaluation of a youth driven coordinated individual care plan program to meet needs and problems identified by ADHD adolescents3.112
B.4Farzad SharifianThe effect of self generated cues on ESL learners' recall of narrative texts3.211
B.5David BudgeAccelerated learning: Possibilities and pitfalls for education3.212
B.6Alison Young, Neil Drew, Lisbeth Pike, Julie Pooley and Laureen BreenPeer mentoring for first year university students3.101
B.7Sarah HopkinsCritical literacy and numeracy: How are values taught and what are the cultural considerations?3.213
Session C
C.1Susan McKenzieFrom research question to research design: Making the process explicit3.110
C.2Thapelo L. Mamiala and David F TreagustTeachers' use of explanations in upper secondary chemistry lessons3.111
C.3Alison BunkerStudents' conceptions of learning: What are they and how do we research them?3.112
C.4 Lou SiragusaInstructional design meets online learning in higher education3.211
C.5David BudgeSpeed reading: How fast can we really read?3.212
C.6Rees Barrett and Graeme LockStandards framework: Developing scales of achievement in post-compulsory education3.101
C.7Deidra YoungFeatures of effective schools: Four case studies which focus on teacher morale and stress3.213
Postgraduate Awards Presentation

Presented by President of WAIER Associate Professor Gary Partington

This award is presented to the postgraduate student from each participating university who produces the best piece of educational research for that year. The winners this year are:

Peta Edwards - Curtin University
Gay Ward - University of Notre Dame
Elizabeth Tuettemann - University of WA
Rose Senior - Edith Cowan University
Karen Glaister - Murdoch University

Early Career Award Presentation

This prestigous award is a highlight of the WAIER Forum and is conferred in recognition of excellence in research and potential for further outstanding educational research. The Nominees this year are:

Paul Newhouse   Anthony Rickards   Lesley Vidovich   

and as announced at the Forum, the Early Career Award Winner is:

Lesley Vidovich

Common Room
1.15-2.00Address by Early Career Award Winner
TimeSession code, presenters and titleRoom
Session D
D.1Rita PasqualiniABC of safe text skills3.110
D.2Elizabeth TuettemannCoupling relationships and education? A grounded theory of couple relationships offers insights relevant to educational settings3.111
D.3Maria Northcote and Amanda KendleWritten communication skills for online learning3.112
D.4 Lesley Payne and Gay WardSmall private schools: A study of the nature of the governing structures, the decision-making processes employed and the perceived congruence of these with the schools' philosophies3.211
D.5Thelma BlackfordCorrelating CIE Foundation Studies ESL students' approaches to learning with their uses of references in argumentative research essays3.212
D.6Ray WebsterCognitive profiles and interface design for individual learning environments3.101
Session E
E.1Francis DonohoeTwo cultures: Big city and small country3.110
E.2Helen Wildy and William LoudenCases for capturing the essence of leadership: School principal performance standards in Australia and New Zealand3.111
E.3Martin ForseyDisturbing the millpond: Ethnographic reflections on organisational change in a local high school3.112
E.4Susan BeltmanHelp or hindrance? The role others play in motivational development3.211
E.5Andrew ThompsonRedefining the place to learn3.212
E.6Gay WardNarrative, meaning making and personal development: Teachers' storied experience in Montessori, Steiner and other primary classrooms3.101
Session F
F.1Sid Nair and Darrell FisherPost compulsory science students' perceptions of classroom learning environments3.110
F.2Helen Wildy, Simon Clarke and Bill LoudenSchool principals' performance: Linking standards and assessments3.111
F.3Jill AldridgeUsing critical ethnographies in a study of science classroom learning environments in Taiwan and Australia3.112
F.4 Philip PaioffPerformance management: Complex reform in a devolving system of Western Australian education3.211
F.5Peta Edwards and Geoff GiddingsEncouragement of meaningful learning through change to the learning environment: process and product3.212
F.6Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeathPublishing online: Coming ready or not3.101
Session G
G.1Vanessa Chang and Kum Leng ChinTeaching and learning issues with international students3.110
G.2Angela McCarthyChoosing Catholic secondary education - a study in progress3.111
G.3Janet Hunter and Jan GrayReframing pedagogy, literacy and attendance policy to interrupt the alienation cycle3.112
G.4K. L. Chin and V. ChangThe impact of cultural diversity on web based learning3.211
G.5Irene P. A. Cheong and David F. TreagustYoung people's ecological beliefs, environmental awareness and actions: The influence of culture and institutional structures3.212
G.6David Geelan, Helen Wildy, William Louden and John Wallace"They shall have abundance...": Achievement and advantage in Year 123.101
4.00Post Conference Happy HourFoyer

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