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WAIER Forum 1999

This set of photographs illustrates the presentation of WAIER Research Awards, during the Annual Dinner held at the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, on Friday 27 August. Digital photography by Roger Vallance.

Gary Partington begins the Awards ceremony

Gerard McKelvie receives the
Murdoch University Post Graduate Award

UWA Post Graduate Award for Janet Ring
is accepted on her behalf by Patrick Garnett

Peter Roguszka receives the
Notre Dame University Post Graduate Award

Edith Cowan University Post Graduate Award presented to Pam Garnett

Curtin University Post Graduate Award is received by Paul Newhouse

Last year's Early Career Award winner,
Wayne Martino, addresses the Forum Dinner

This year's Early Career Award was won by Catherine McLoughlin from Edith Cowan University. Catherine was not present at the WAIER dinner to receive the Award.

The committee (left to right) Beverley Webster, John Carigg, Phil Paioff, Susan Beltman,
Roger Vallance, Penny Lee, Gary Partington, Judith MacCallum, Marguerite Cullity

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