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Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum 1999

WAIER offered Forum 1999 participants an option for post-conference, world wide web publication of articles. We thank the authors listed below for their contributions to the Proceedings website.
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Jennie Bickmore-Brand and Kim Pitts-Hill Teaching for transfer: Transfer of whose learning?
Vanessa Chang Evaluating the effectiveness of online learning using a new web based learning instrument
Dan Churach and Darrell Fisher Science kids surf the Net: Effects on classroom environment
Eva Dobozy Constructivist and Montessorian perspectives on student autonomy and freedom
Patricia A. Forster How do I actually learn? A questionnaire for (co)participatory learning in the presence of technology
Angela McCarthy Getting serious about grounded theory
Chenicheri Sid. Nair and Darrell L. Fisher A learning environment study of tertiary classrooms
Paul Newhouse Portable computers supporting secondary school learning
Peter Roguszka The effect of public opinion on the subjects of educational research
Kaye Tully The assessment of lower secondary school students in Western Australia from Junior Certificate to Achievement Certificate 1946-1972

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