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Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum 1998

WAIER offered Forum 1998 participants an option for post-conference, world wide web publication of articles. We thank the authors listed below for their contributions to the Proceedings website.
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Martin Cooper and Dorit Maor Mathematics, multimedia and higher level thinking skills
Darrell Fisher and Ed Stolarchuk The effect of using laptop computers on achievement, attitude to science and classroom environment in science
David G. Henderson, Darrell L. Fisher and Barry J. Fraser Learning environment and student attitudes in environmental science classrooms
Deborah Ingram The making of a teacher: A narrative study of the impact of an extended practicum on preservice teachers
Stephen R. Kessell An evaluation of the provision of professional development courses to teachers via the Internet
Rosemary Kerr 'Potential inefficients at best, criminal at worst': The girl problem and juvenile delinquency in Western Australia 1907-1933
Julienne van Loon Holistic or discrete? A competency based assessment issue in the certificate of general education for adults reading and writing stream
Paul Newhouse A model to assist in the understanding of teachers' responses to high access computing environments
Karin Oerlemans and Heather Jenkins Students' perceptions of the role school's policies and procedures played in their alienation from schooling
Kim Pitts-Hill, Kevin Barry, Leonard King and Scott Zehnder A description of student problem solving using a heuristic in a cooperative group setting
Tony Rickards and Darrell Fisher Teacher-student interactions in science classes: Differences between the perceptions of teachers and their students
Shelleyann Scott and Rob Baker Determining the effectiveness of a teacher professional preparation course by examining the transfer of complex models of teaching by newly graduated teachers
Theresia Tirta Seputro The influence of the teacher's subject matter knowledge and beliefs on teaching practices: A case study of an Indonesian teacher
Roger J. Vallance Mature candidates for teacher training: A case study

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