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Proceedings Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Forum 1997

WAIER offered Forum 1997 participants an option for post-conference, world wide web publication of articles. We thank the authors listed below for their contributions to the Proceedings website.
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Jill M. Aldridge and Barry J. Fraser Examining science classroom environments in a cross-national study
Barnard Clarkson Ready, Fire, Aim: Action research with ultra-portable computing in a primary school
Vaille Dawson and Peter Taylor Continuum of preservice and novice science teachers' beliefs related to teaching ethics in science
Allan Harrison, Darrell Fisher and David Henderson Student perceptions of practical tasks in senior biology, chemistry and physics classes
Jonathan Hippisley Boolean versus continuous variables as tools of measurement
Stephen R. Kessell Improving science students problem solving skills
Desire Mallet The identification of principles for the development and implementation of technology education: A case study of Mauritius
Adrian Moore Factors affecting the implementation of a managing student behaviour plan in a primary school
Cecilia Netolicky Taking a stand against the notion of 'acceptable losses': An education program servicing alienated students
Beverley J. Pascoe Monitoring standards in the arts: A testing program using an outcomes framework
Peter Sanders Self-perceived performance of academics: Effect of internal services
Wendy Speering, Leonie J. Rennie and Terence P. McClafferty Discoverland: Exploring young children's interactions with science exhibits
Carole Steketee Conceptions of learning held by students in the lower, middle and upper grades of primary school

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