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WAIER Forum, 27th August 1994
Timetable for Paper Presentations

Ken AlexanderSpeaking in "models and modules" in curriculum work.4.00-4.304
Margherita AlmondGifted Children's culture: A case study4.30-5.001
Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeathAn Internet listserver for WAIER?1.00-1.302
Susan BeltmanPost-compulsory students' goals and perceptions of school.4.30-5.003
Julie BowdenThe development of telematics in a rural district in Western Australia.1.30-2.002
Denise ChalmersFirst year overseas and local university students' management of their learning.2.30-3.003
Peter Cole and Sonya BarrettThe problem solving abilities of children with intellectual disabilities.4.00-4.301
Lorel CullenAn ethnographic study of the teaching of controversial issues within health education in two WA primary schools.2.00-2.304
Barbara de la HarpeFirst year students and writing: Is there a message for tertiary teachers? (with Joanne Samson).3.30-4.004
Graham DellarCurrent concerns confronting principals: A Western Australian study.2.30-3.005
Ray DhondeaAn ethnographic study of nurses in a forensic psychiatric setting: Education and training implications.2.30-3.001
Murray DrummondMasculinity from a feminist perspective: Or how feminism helped construct the new man.1.30-2.003
Terri EdwardsAn analysis of the deliberative process involved in the curriculum design of adventure education package.1.00-1.304
Chris ElliottRichlands health network: A study of shared leadership.5.00-5.304
Tony FowlerCinderalla observed: Two case studies.3.30-4.001
Richard Fuller, Denise Chalmers and D. KirkpatrickThe effects of teaching learning strategies in context on first year university students' learning intentions, learning strategies and performance.3.30-4.003
John HallThe value of qualitative research in a study of cross-cultural research supervision.4.00-4.302
Dennis IrelandTeacher appraisal: of the teacher, by the teacher, for the teacher. A case for classroom-based action research.4.30-5.004
Ranbir MalikQualitative research in the home setting: Issues and method.2.30-3.002
Colin MarshImplementing outcome statements: conceptual and practical issues.2.30-3.004
Clare McBeathField testing a curriculum dissemination model.1.30-2.004
Barbara MilnerGrammar and reading: Another 'Great Debate'?2.00-2.301
Theresa NazarethPerceptions of teacher professionalism: Teachers' and parents' viewpoints.1.30-2.005
Ron OliverUsing technology to facilitate teacher-student interactions in distance education and open learning.2.00-2.302
Elizabeth ParryBody marking and tattooing amongst Western Australian high school adolescents.2.00-2.303
Elizabeth ParryStudies of adolescent behaviour in WA government high schools.4.00-4.303
Lis Pike, A. Thompson and L. ThomsonThe youth challenge project: Models, measurement and mentors.1.00-1.305
Judith PughFraming (Goffman 1974): A useful construct for examining, interpreting, and describing clinical teaching in nursing.3.30-4.002
Gordon ShawDyslexia or learning difficulties: A thorn by any other name?5.00-5.301
Andrew Taggart and Andrew MedlandA case study of a developing national research agenda: Teachers, institutions and financial resources for secondary school innovations.2.00-2.305
Stephen Thorpe and John GardinerParadigm paradoxes and educational research: Applying logical levels to the research paradigms to reduce confusion.5.00-5.302
Joanne TimsNew directions in research on gender and assessment in mathematics.1.00-1.303
John Wallace and Helen WildyThe Chicken And The Egg: The Role Of Theory In Qualitative Research.4.30-5.002
Martyn WildInvestigating collaborative activity: children using computers in a primary classroom.1.00-1.301
Helen Wildy, John Wallace and Lesley ParkerImplementing Curriculum Reform: The Link Teacher Model of Inservice.4.00-4.305
John WoodsReflective teaching: Do we always get it right?1.30-2.001
Total number of presentations = 36

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This page is WAIER's official archival copy of the text of a printed document issued by WAIER in 1994.
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