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Office Bearers 1991

This page is WAIER's official archival copy of the text of a printed document ('Secretary's Report') issued by WAIER at the Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 20 November 1990 in the Staff Room, Churchlands Campus, WA College of Advanced Education.


  1. Results of Election of Office Bearers for 1991

    Nominations were received for the four senior executive positions and for the membership of the Executive Committee. None of the positions was contested and thus all nominees have been elected unopposed.

    Office bearers for 1991 are as follows :

    President:Len King (WACAE)
    Vice President:Andrew Taggart (Curtin)
    Treasurer:Di Spina (Ministry of Education)
    Secretary:Collette Tayler (WACAE)
    Committee:John Hall (Curtin)

    Rees Barrett (SEA)

    Alan Bain (UWA)

    Joy Cullen (Curtin)

    Susan Hall (Murdoch)

    Annette Patterson (Murdoch)

    Jim Tognolini (UWA)

    Laurence Chiang (IIER Editor)

    Michael Heaven (Ministry of Education)

    Dale Mason (WACAE Bunbury)

  2. Prize Winners for 1990 - WAIER Awards

    (a) Early Career Award

    Dr Simone Volet
    School of Education
    Murdoch University

    (b) Annual Research Prizes

    Curtin University of Technology
    Mr Anthony Fetherstonhaugh

    Murdoch University
    Ms Denise Chalmers

    University of Western Australia
    Dr Paul Rich

    Western Australian College of Advanced Education
    Mr Paul Swan

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