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Forum 1993 Program

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Commencing at 10.30a.m. (Registration)
Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Dear Members,

Please find attached the summary program for presentations at the WAIER Forum on Sunday 21 st November This provides information on the time and room for presentations. Presentations will be made in rooms supplied by the Esplanade Hotel. They will be numbered 1 to 4 for your convenience A full program with abstracts of presentations will be provided on the day of the conference.

Please note the change in starting time for the Forum this year. This is because the dinner follows the forum, rather than preceding it as in previous years, so that the forum fits in with the AARE conference which follows the next day at the Esplanade. The forum will start with registration and morning tea (a civilised touch) at 10.30 a.m., and the first session commences at 11.00 a.m. The last session concludes at 4.30p.m., and is followed by a happy hour at a local hotel from 5p.m. to 6p.m. Then participants proceed to Paesano's restaurant for the Forum Dinner, which commences at 6.30p.m.

There are four concurrent sessions. Papers have been grouped according to some common themes, and it is hoped that this will allow participants the opportunity to attend papers that interest them.

Parking is available opposite the Esplanade Hotel in the No.11 car park, on Marine Terrace. If that car park is full (unlikely at 10.30a.m.) try car park no. 2 to the west in Marine Terrace, or nos. 21 and 21A further to the east in the Terrace, all within walking distance.

If you have not registered, registration can be completed prior to the Forum.

Registration Charges are:

Full registration$30
Full-time student members$20
Paper sessions only$15

If you have any queries, contact Gary Partington on 370 6571 or Graham Dellar on 351 2181.

Forum '93 Dinner
Sunday 21st November

Paesano's Restaurant

16 South Terrace

Commencing at 6.30p.m. following the Forum

Commencing at 10.30a.m. (Registration) Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

List of Presentations

Barasa, KukuboReflections On Foreign Language Acquisition: A Workshop32.30-3.00Learning
Chandler, PaulDeveloping Alternative Educational Techniques Using Cognitive Load Theory33.30-4.00Learning
Court, David and Main, AnthonyStudents Perceptions Of 3D Shapes In Geometry42.30-3.00Learning
Crittenden, AnnAn Evaluation Of The Current Relief Teaching System In Western Australia's Government Primary Schools112.00-12.30Administration
Dellar, GrahamRestructuring And The Devolution Of Decision-Making: A Single Secondary School Study12.00-2.30Leadership
Elliott, ChrisLeadership And The Creation Of Shared Meanings12.30-3.00Leadership
Fetherstonhaugh, TonySome Implications Of A Constructivist Learning Approach34.00-4.30
Forlin, ChrisIntegration: How Do Teachers Expect To Cope?212.00-12.30Teachers
Forlin, PeterRisk Management In Australian Chemical Education: A Health And Safety Perspective111.30-12.00Administration
Hall, Susan H.Redressing Discrimination In A Primary School: Research As Review And Development311.30-12.00Attitudes
Hane-Nou, GoruThe Adequacy Of Fullan's Framework In Implementing Inquiry Learning14.00-4.30Curriculum Change
Honeyman, AlanLatent Trait Theory And The Validity Of Graded Response Formats411.00-11.30Research methods
Hutchinson, W.Interaction Between Person-Environment Fit, Teacher Stress And Teacher Efficacy22.00-2.30Teachers
Johnson, StephenAdolescent Decision Making Styles: Have We Got It Right?42.00-2.30Decision making
Kania, Anne-ThereseTeacher Backgrounds, Resources, Facilities, Personnel And Time Allocation: A Survey Of Music Education In Metropolitan Pre-Primary Schools22.30-3.00Music Education
MacGowan, WayneCorporate Managerialism: Here To Stay111.00- 11.30Administration
Malik, RanbirA Methodology For Studying The Influence Of Home And School On Chinese Australian And Anglo-Australian High School Students412.00-12.30Research methods
Marks, PatriciaThe Performance Body: In Search Of Stage Presence23.30-4.00Presentation of self
Mhlambo, ThembaThe Origins Of Bantu Education In South Africa43.30-4.00History
Oliver, RonThe Use Of Telecommunications To Enhance Equity And Access In Education24.00-4.30Telecommun-
Partington, GaryRelationships Between Verbal And Nonverbal Interactions In A Year Five Classroom211.00-11.30Teachers
Pears, Gary G.Teachers Of The Gifted And Talented: Are They Competent?211.30-12.00Teachers
Poller, JenniferDifferences In Attitude Towards Mathematics Between Regular Class Children And Children With Learning Problems In Mathematics312.00-12.30Attitudes
Thorpe, StephenQualitative Research: Clearing The Path Of Unneeded Obstacles411.30-12.00Research methods
Waugh, Russell and Godfrey, JohnMeasuring Student Perceptions About Cheating311.00-11.30Attitudes
Wildy, Helen and Wallace, JohnResolving The Dilemma Of Sharing Leadership: A Case Study Of Principal Practice13.30-4.00Leadership
Wildy, Helen and Wallace, JohnTeaching For Understanding: Whose Agenda Is Being Served?32.00-2.30Learning
Young, Deidra and Fraser, Barry JFactors Contributing To Gender And Socioeconomic Equity In Science Achievement: A Study Of Ten Countries44.00-4.30Gender and Class
Total number of presentations = 28

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This page is WAIER's official archival copy of the text of a printed document issued by WAIER in 1993.
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