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9th February 1998

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research for l998. This year we commence with an early Research And..., with Professor Roger Slee, Dean of the Faculty and Chair of Teaching and Learning at the Graduate School of Education, presenting on Research and Educational Disablement at the Graduate School. You will find a flyer enclosed ln the envelope. Please come along and take part in the proceedings.

There have been some changes to the executive of the Institute this year. Graham Dellar has stepped down from the president's position after three years, and I have been elected in his place. Phil Paioff remains vice president and Deidra Young takes over from me as secretary, and Judy MacCallum asssumes the role of treasurer from Chris Elliott.

The full lineup of the executive therefore is:

Gary PartingtonPresident     Chris ElliottCommittee Member
Philip PaioffVice President   Tony FetherstonCommittee Member
Deidre YoungSecretary   John HallCommittee Member
Judy MacCallumTreasurer   Susan HallCommittee Member
Rees BarrattCommittee Member   Penny LeeCommittee Member
Susan BeltmanCommittee Member   Dorit MaorCommittee Member
John CarriggCommittee Member   Beverley WebsterCommittee Member
Marguerite CullityCommittee Member   Michael WhiteCommittee Member

A number of members of the executive have stood down after many years of good service, including Len King, Andrew Taggart, Alison Gregg, Irene Ioannakis and Diane Spina. The present executive thanks them for their diligence in guiding the affairs of the Institute, and hopes it can keep up the good work.

Each year the annual Research Forum falls on the last Saturday in August. This year is no exception, and the Forum will be held on Saturday 29th August. Once again, the Venue is Notre Dame University and the dinner, on Friday 28th August, will be held at the Esplanade Hotel. Please enter these dates in your diary, and prepare a paper for presentation. Further information will be forthcoming.

Membership of WAIER is eminently worthwhile. Not only does membership show committment to educational research as a way of improving education, it also provides researchers with a community of like-minded people who are interested in exploring the nature of the research endeavour. The Journal (Issues in Educational Research) provides useful material of relevance to researchers - as well as a vehicle for getting published - and the Research Ands... and the Forum provide avenues for discussion on research.

Please encourage your colleagues and others to join the Institute and so enrich their research. We look forward to an interesting year for the Institute.

Gary Partington

Secretary: Dr Deidra Young, Science and Mathematics Education Centre,
Curtin University of Technology, GPO Box U1987, Perth WA 6845
Tel (08) 9266 2988 Fax: (08) 9266 2503 Email: tyoungdj@alpha2.curtin.edu.au

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