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President's Report 2017

Susan Beltman

Tonight I complete my sixth year as President of WAIER. I would like to give a brief overview of our major achievements for 2017 and begin by thanking every member of the committee for their contribution to promoting educational research through the activities of WAIER.

This year we were delighted to welcome Helen Dempsey and Paul Gardner to the committee. Once again though we have to say goodbye to some committee members, mostly due to their busy lives and professional and personal commitments - certainly I am sure not because they did not enjoy being part of WAIER! During 2017 this list unfortunately includes long-term members who have been great contributors to WAIER: Veronica Gardiner, Anne Coffey and Caroline Mansfield. Ronnie was our latest Forum Coordinator and had done a great job overseeing all the components. Anne had this role previously and also spent time as our secretary, receiving the PTCWA Professional Service Award in 2016. Caroline was secretary before Anne and in 2013 also received the PTCWA Award. She has been a member of the WAIER since 2008 and Anne since 2010. I would especially like to thank Caroline and Anne for their service to WAIER and personally have appreciated their support and friendship.

As President I have once again been supported by Eva Dobozy as Vice President and Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis has done a great job in her role as secretary this year. Greg Hine has continued as treasurer and his outstanding contribution was acknowledged through receiving the 2017 WAIER PTCWA Professional Service Award.

Thanks again to Brad Gobby, Rosana Stout and others who have contributed to the website and to our publicity officer, Paula Mildenhall, who monitors the Facebook page. Clare McBeath and Roger Atkinson have continued their excellent, long-standing work regarding the journal Issues in Educational Research as well as cheerfully supporting all of WAIER's other activities. Rita Tognini, Angela, and Anne are Associate Editors of the journal but I believe the whole team completes many varied tasks when required so thanks to them for that and to others who have been occasional reviewers. Thanks to Michelle for organising the Research Seminars and to everyone who supported these.

The Annual Research Forum is our premier event for the year and was coordinated by Ronnie in 2017. Thanks to Anne for managing the on-site organisation and coordinating sponsors. A great 360° view of education was obtained through an interesting panel and discussions ably led run by Greg. Roger and Clare again efficiently managed the high quality submissions and produced the program, Michelle coordinated the raffle, Sonja Kuzich organised the framed certificates, and Brad added the relevant information to the website. Greg ensured that participants paid and bills were settled. Rita Tognini with help from Anne and Chris Glass, organised the all-important awards. This year was special as Sonja announced the inaugural research grant winners - and thanks to Anne and Greg for their help with this process. I know everyone assisted at the Forum but if I missed your specific contribution to the Forum or to WAIER in 2017 my apologies.

2018 presents us with various challenges: how do we keep our Research Seminars and Forum relevant and vibrant? How do we raise WAIER's profile in the education community? We are losing some experienced, hard working committee members this year - who will take on their roles? These are just some of the questions that will challenge us in 2018 and I look forward to working with you all to think of some answers!

I would like to reiterate something I included in my 2016 report: "Without active, capable committee members ..., WAIER would not be the thriving organisation it still is today".

So once again thank you to all of you for your commitment and contribution to WAIER and I look forward to working with you all again in 2018.

Thank you.

A/Prof Susan Beltman
WAIER President
November 2017

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