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President's Report 2009

Ian Gaynor

It is with some regret that I present my final report as president for the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research. This year, like previous years, has been one of continued growth and success for the Institute. This success is due to the unreserved commitment and support of all members of the executive. It is with their combined efforts that WAIER is able to provide an unparalleled support to early career researchers. The recently updated constitution states that the aims of the institute are:

Clearly, WAIER is an organisation that can proudly claim that we do work towards meeting these aims. A particular feature of the Institute is the combined effort of all, within the limits of their personal lives and vocations. It is customary to recognise the work of the executive. It also customary to highlight the efforts of particular individuals in our executive and this year I hope to recognise the work of all of the following members.

OfficeSub Committee

Mr Ian Gaynor
Curriculum Council
PresidentFellows & Life Membership Coordinator
Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
Edith Cowan University
Vice PresidentPost Graduate & Early Career Awards Coordinator
Dr Philip PaioffImmediate
Past President
Fellows & Life Membership Committee
Dr Susan Beltman
Curtin University of Technology
Dr Lina Pelliccione
Curtin University of Technology
TreasurerCurtin PR representative
Dr Karen Murcia
Edith Cowan University
Dr Eva Dobozy
Edith Cowan University
Assist IIER Editor
Brad Gobby
Murdoch University
Research Seminars
Dr Chris Hackett
Notre Dame University
Assist TreasPG and EC Awards Committee; Notre Dame PR Rep
Dr Caroline Mansfield
Murdoch University
Assist SecMurdoch PR Rep;
Eve Ruddock
Murdoch University
Research Seminars Coordinator
Dr Roger AtkinsonWAIER and IIER websites; WAIER Archives
Christine Glass
Murdoch University
Dr Jan Gray
Edith Cowan University
resigned 12 June 2009
Dr Judith MacCallurn
Murdoch University
Fellows & Life Membership Committee
Dr Clare McBeathIIER Journal Editor; WAIER Archives
Sheena O'Hare
The University of Western Australia
UWA Rep; PG and EC Awards Comm
Michelle Striepe
The University of Western Australia
Assist. Res Coord; UWA Rep

I wish to extend my appreciation to all members of executive for continuing to volunteer their time and to promote educational research throughout Western Australia. Your continued contribution will continue to positively impact upon our education system.

Another successful Annual Research Forum was held at Edith Cowan University (Mount Lawley Campus) was held on Saturday 1 August. This year the forum attracted approximately 70 participants and included 43 presentations. The Forum consisted of presentations by local and international researchers arranged in concurrent sessions grouped under themes. This Research Forum continues to receive excellent support from the Western Australian Educational research community. Many who attend expressing a desire to return and participate in future forums. Details of this and previous forums including abstracts and published papers can be accessed from WAIER's website. http://www.waier.org.au/

Two seminars were held during 2009, they were well attended and valued by all. Thank you to Dr Susan Beltman, of Curtin University of Technology for her presentation "Mentoring: Conceptual, Methodological and practical considerations" and to also Becky Holtham and Kate Abbott of Curtin University of Technology, for their presentation on "Gender inclusivity and early childhood science education". Details of their presentations can be accessed by the WAIER's website. http://www.waier.org.au/

With this report signifying a change of elected offices bearers, to all who are no longer on the Executive or relinquishing a committee position. I extend the Institute's grateful acknowledgment for their enthusiastic and generous contribution over the many years.

Finally, at a personal level thank you to Dr Susan Beltman, Secretary, Dr Lina Pellicione, Treasurer, Karen Murcia, Forum Coordinator, Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden, Vice President, and Dr Phil Paioff, Immediate Past President, for your support and guidance. The success of the last three years would not have occurred without your support.

Ian Gaynor
November 2009

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