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President's Report 2006

Philip Paioff

The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research has continued to expand its horizons during 2006. Executive has strived to identify quality award winners and access greater external support from organisations such as Members Equity and Pearsons. Our 2006 Forum was one of the best on record and yet again proved to be an outstanding success. WAIER's Executive deserve much credit and recognition for their efforts, although special mention should be made of Forum Coordinator, Jan Gray, for securing the venue and presenter facilities. Edith Cowan University (Mount Lawley Campus) must also be acknowledged for its ongoing support in allowing us to use its amenities. This year's Forum numbers and level of positive feedback make it a significant event on the educational research agenda.

Clare McBeath has done an outstanding job editing and publishing bi-annual editions of the 2006 national journal, Issues in Educational Research. Roger Atkinson (IIER Journal Business Manager) is our quiet achiever and is relentless in his endeavours to raise the exposure of our journal. Roger's efforts as web publisher have led to the establishment of a most informative website that includes updates of WAIER's journal, forum program, research seminars and committee meetings. Please visit our site at http://www.waier.org.au/.

Lina Pellicione is our impeccable Treasurer. She has done a wonderful job managing WAIER's financial obligations to ensure they pass audit requirements with flying colours. Lina's reliability and efficiency are most appreciated.

Lesley Newhouse-Maiden (Vice-President) manages WAIER's prestigious Early Career and Postgraduate Awards. The awards are an important component of WAIER's commitment to recognising prospective and emerging academics. Congratulations to all winners and may the WAIER awards continue to be held in high regard.

Research Seminars continue to play an important role in WAIER's desire to encourage educational research and promote debate on current/critical issues. Eve Ruddock continues to develop this program across all campuses.

This year's prestigious WAIER Fellowship was awarded to one of our original executive members, Dr Phil Deschamp. In his Fellow's address, Phil challenged the association to become a leader in debate on education and the use of research to inform educational initiatives. His inspiration encouraged WAIER to enlist the Federal Minister of Education for our November research seminar. Her topic, Informing Policy Through Research, provided WAIER with a launching pad to address the challenge presented by Dr Deschamp. Congratulations to Phil for his inspirational words and valuable contributions to our proud organisation.

I'd like to thank Judith MacCallum for representing WAIER on the Australian Council for Educational Research and Zsuzsanna Millei for her role as book editor of IIER.

I'd like to acknowledge the work of new member Chris Hackett for getting actively involved in supporting WAIER activities, especially this year's Forum along with Robert Dixon for compiling this year's Forum abstracts and establishing our 'presenter' themes. Robert has also been active in promoting WAIER's research expertise in the Fremantle - Peel District.

Ian Gaynor has been ever diligent in preparing the groundwork for WAIER's constitutional review. He assures me that we will have an up to date constitution in 2007. The new constitution will reflect WAIER's progressive agenda in a range of areas including publications, sponsorship, Forum functions, public relations and our general influence in the domain of educational research.

Special thanks to Sue Beltman for doing an outstanding job as Secretary and for supporting me throughout my tenure as President. Her attention to detail and willingness to assist with the running of this small but effective organisation has been greatly appreciated.

I wish to extend my appreciation to all members of executive for volunteering their time to promote educational research throughout Western Australia.Your contributions play an important role in the experience of beginning researchers and influence programs that impact upon our education system. I leave the position of President confident in the knowledge that WAIER has much to look forward and I wish to encourage new and existing members to get on board for what will be a very progressive future.

Dr Philip Paioff
November 2006

Photo: Sue Beltman, Philip Paioff and Lina Pelliccione

Photo: A hug for the retiring President from Secretary and Treasurer. The occasion was the completion
of a very successful and well-attended seminar given by the Hon Julie Bishop, on 22 November 2006
[Seminar 22 Nov 2006]. Presiding at this seminar was Phil's last formal duty as WAIER President.

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