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President's Report 2001

Philip Paioff

The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research's executive has taken a proactive stance in reviewing its operations in 2001. The major focus of attention has been on the Institute's journal with Western Australia assuming responsibility for managing its production and distribution. Judith MacCallum was appointed 'Journal Business Manager' and must be congratulated for her endeavours in articulating, streamlining and recording the framework of operation. Judith has worked closely with Clare McBeath who has done and outstanding job editing and publishing both journals in 2001. The clearer focus should lead to the production of a more comprehensive journal in 2002 and beyond.

Special mention should go to Roger Atkinson who has single handedly taken on the role of 'web publisher'. Thanks to Roger's efforts, our journal, forum program, Research Ands and committee meeting updates have been placed online. Please visit our site at http://cleo.murdoch.edu.au/waier/ [now http://education.curtin.edu.au/waier/]

This year's Forum was held in August and proved to be a resounding success under the co-ordination of Secretary, Beverley Webster and the combined support of our executive. The program was well received by participants, ran like clockwork and produced a small profit because of the attention to detail displayed by the organising committee. Thanks must go to executive member Roger Vallance for his role as the forum's IT specialist and photographer and to Anna Sullivan for assisting with co-ordination duties. Mt Lawley Campus must also be acknowledged for its ongoing support by allowing us to use its main building as the Forum venue. The Forum has been earmarked as the 'portfolio for review' in 2002. It is essential we ensure its long term success as the association's flagship.

Research Ands continue to play an important role in WAIER's desire to encourage educational research and promote debate on current/critical issues. Some of the topics in 2001 included NUD*IST for Novices, led by Dr Roger Vallance and Dr Catherine Ward; The Position of the Researcher, Associate Professor David Tripp and Dr Susan McKenzie; and Grounded Theory presented by Dr Helen Wildy. Sue Beltman must be acknowledged for her efforts in promoting this aspect of WAIER's role.

New treasurer Pat Forster has conducted herself with the proficiency of a seasoned accountant and has managed to keep our balance in the black. It is imperative that WAIER broadens its membership base and becomes more financial to ensure longer-term viability.

WAIER has a commitment to recognising prospective and emerging academics. Leslie Newhouse-Maiden has been committed in her role as Early Career Award co-ordinator. Congratulations to all this years winners, especially Early Career Award winner, Dr Libby Lee. May the WAIER awards continue to be received with the respect and consideration they deserve.

Efforts to raise WAIER's profile in the educational community have been debated for some time. I wish to thank Anthea Taylor for tackling this issue by preparing a promotional profile (flier). We hope to review the flier in 2002 and ensure that it finds its way into relevant forums and organisations.

In closing, I wish to extend my sincerest appreciation to all members of executive 2001. Your contributions have laid a strong foundation upon which to promote our association. We have a number of challenges in 2002 and I have no doubt they will be addressed with continued professionalism.

Dr Philip Paioff

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