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Executive Committee 2009

The purpose of the Western Australian Institute for Educational Research is to promote educational research in the Perth community, with particular reference to supporting postgraduate research.

Mr Ian Gaynor
[President; Fellows/Life Memb Comm; PR Comm]
Curriculum Council
Email: ian.gaynor@curriculum.wa.edu.au
Dr Susan Beltman
Curtin University of Technology
Email: s.beltman@curtin.edu.au
Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden
[Vice President; PG, EC Awards Coord]
Edith Cowan University
Email: l.newhouse_maiden@ecu.edu.au
Dr Lina Pelliccione
[Treasurer; Curtin PR rep]
Curtin University of Technology
Email: l.pelliccione@curtin.edu.au
Dr Philip Paioff
[Immediate Past President; Fellows/Life Memb Comm]
Email: ppaioff@bigpond.com, ppaioff@sstuwa.org.au
Dr Roger Atkinson
[WAIER and IIER websites; WAIER Archives]
Email: rjatkinson@bigpond.com
Dr Eva Dobozy [Assist IIER Editor]
Edith Cowan University
Email: e.dobozy@ecu.edu.au
Christine Glass
Murdoch University Rockingham
Email: c.glass@murdoch.edu.au
Brad Gobby
Murdoch University
Email: go_brad@hotmail.com
Dr Jan Gray [resigned 12 June 2009]
Edith Cowan University
Email: jan.gray@ecu.edu.au
Dr Chris Hackett
[PG and EC Awards Comm; ND PR Rep; Assist Treas]
The University of Notre Dame Australia
Email: chackett3@nd.edu.au
Dr Judith MacCallum
[Fellows/Life Memb Comm]
Murdoch University
Email: J.MacCallum@murdoch.edu.au
Dr Caroline Mansfield [Murdoch PR Rep; Assist Sec]
Murdoch University
Email: Caroline.Mansfield@murdoch.edu.au
Dr Clare McBeath
[IIER Journal Editor; WAIER Archives]
Email: c.mcbeath@bigpond.com
Dr Karen Murcia [Forum Coord]
Edith Cowan University
Email: k.murcia@ecu.edu.au
Sheena O'Hare [UWA Rep; PG and EC Awards Comm]
The University of Western Australia
Email: ohares03@student.uwa.edu.au
Eve Ruddock [Research Seminars Coordinator]
Murdoch University
Email: ruddock@iinet.net.au
Michelle Striepe [Assist. Res Coord; UWA Rep]
The University of Western Australia
Email: striem01@student.uwa.edu.au
Data source: WAIER Annual General Meeting, 21 Nov 2008, and Committee meetings.

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